Project co-financed by the SOCAPS Fund, the SOCAPS Endowment Fund and led by the French NGO C.I.E.LO in collaboration with the Beninese association Secours Enfance.

In Benin, one of the poorest countries in the world – ranked 163rd out of 189 countries listed in the 2018 UN Human Development Report – where only 30% of the population has access to drinking water and as low as 4% in the whole of the town of Ouidah according to the communal development plan, the objective of the project was to build a standpipe in each of the 2 beneficiary schools and to connect it to the network of supply of drinking water to the National Water Company of Benin (SONEB), from the city’s water tower. This is in order to offer more regular hydration to the pupils, to help lower the prevalence of water-borne diseases, to eliminate the cost of purchasing and transporting water at the expense of teachers and to participate in the reduction of dropping out of primary school by improving the living environment within the school and facilitating awareness of personal hygiene thanks to more accessible water.

Following the approval in June 2018 of a first funding from the Fondation Mérieux, the search for funding continued unsuccessfully until the end of 2018. In order not to delay the implementation of the project, CIELO then decided to start work first in the Houakpé-Daho school because their cost was lower. Subsequently, the search for funding continued and it was fortunately successful in July 2019, thanks to the financial support of the SOCAPS Fund.

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