The SeaCleaners: le projet MANTA

SOCAPS Fund is proud of its support for The SeaCleaners‘ “MANTA” project.

SOCAPS’s impact is primarily in its carbon gas emissions and in the production of packaging. SOCAPS works on its compensation through two axes: reducing its carbon impact and actions around depollution and support for packaging recyclability initiatives.

SOCAPS is convinced that the only good virtuous, pragmatic and operational option in the short term is to strongly commit to a circular economy approach.

It is for this reason that SOCAPS contacted The SeaCleaners and decided to support them via SOCAPS Fund because they are an important link in the circular economy, both for raising awareness of public opinion and in terms of concrete actions to clean up the oceans.

SOCAPS’s objective is to actively participate in the current great movement of the packaging industry towards a more eco-sensitive and eco-responsible model. Create bridges, particularly between the food processing industry and associations, for greater recyclability and pollution control.

SOCAPS has found in The SeaCleaners not only a listening ear but a real partner capable of supporting us in this movement.

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